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Me   Hello. My name is Matthew Barnes, I am currently 16 years of age, I live in the UK and I am a programmer. I know the languages C++, C, Java and C# to a degree where I can develop games and programs for them.
  In fact, I have. That's why this website/portfolio even exists! I want to build upon this website with all of my games that I make in order to create a large collection of games for me to gaze upon and show off if I feel like it.
  Furthermore, I do this because I want to practice programming more, and I want to watch my progression as I journey through the depths of video game creation. All of my games are freeware, so go ahead and download my work!
  Just so you know, I created this website from scratch, too, so in a way this whole website can be representative of my progression through website development.
  I think that's everything... if you have any recommendations for any games you want made, be sure to tell me on my YouTube account: