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A Quest for Blocks is a puzzle game that requires the player (you) to get to the goal block by using the special blocks around you to help you reach it.

There are many different blocks and features to help you get to the goal, such as the teleporters, the springs, the deleters, and of course your ability to pick up certain blocks and store them in your inventory.

A Quest for Blocks comes with 10 puzzle levels, 7 tutorial levels and 7 debug levels that were used during the development of this game. If you run out of levels to play, A Quest for Blocks features a level creator so that you can create and give out difficult levels to your friends, and they can make some for you in return!

One word of warning before you download and play this game: this game requires the .NET framework to be downloaded on your system; the version needs to be at least 4.0. Here's a link for your convenience: