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ChromeWare offers freeware games that are small and addictive. Get stuck in to simple, lightweight games that are easy to download and start playing. The simple controls gives the player more room for entertainment and focus on the game itself. Why are you still reading this? Click the 'games' button to access the Games page.

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[03/11/2014] A QUEST FOR BLOCKS v1.1!

I have just updated the newly released game 'A Quest for Blocks' where I have fixed a few things.

Now, you can't restart the level with your currently held block (because that's cheating, if you didn't know that).

In addition, I've made it a bit more robust so that a more variety of computers can be compatible with my game without backfiring and creating stupid errors xP I haven't really changed much but I think they were necessary.



I've just completed a project I've been working on for a while: it's a game called A Quest for Blocks. It's a game where you, the player, conquer levels by manipulating special blocks in the level in order to reach the goal. You can pick up certain blocks and put them in your inventory, too.

It's available right now in the Games page of this website, so if you haven't played it yet, then do try it! There's even a level creator so that you can challenge your friends or just create a huge collection of levels to show off xD



 I stayed up all night creating a new website for Chromeware. I wanted to escape the boundaries of Weebly and create my own website using DreamWeaver and host it myself :3 even though it kinda cost me some sleep, it was worth it!
Now, I plan to make it so that the 'games' section is more organised and easier to look at and stuff, and so that all the games aren't in one giant heap for you to scroll down like in the old website. Furthermore, I've added an 'info' section where information about me and this website will be released. Then this website will be like a portfolio for my works :D (when it obviously doesn't seem like it).
All-right, time to continue work on the website. I'll see you guys in my next update.



  I have now released Substance onto the ChromeWare website (actually Dropbox, and just updated the site). Be sure to check it out if you're interested!
I also cleaned up the 'games' page a bit to make it more organized and easier to look at.



  Well, actually, I started it yesterday. It is going to be a new puzzle game revolving around chemistry. I am going to make it in the .NET framework, so if you want to play it, you need to have the .NET 4.0 framework redistributable downloaded, which you can get here:
In addition to that, it is nearly done, so I probably will have to do two blog posts today. Oh, and also, this puzzle game will have a level editor, and something that my games never usually have: a tutorial! It will be quite revolutionary for ChromeWare since this will probably be the biggest game I would have made in a while.
In conclusion, if you like greek letters, messing around with acids and solving puzzles, be sure to look forward to my new game 'Substance'!

I'm aiming for it to be quite retro, or 8-bit-y. Just so you know.



  I was working on a new project a few weeks ago; it was to test my abilities in CPU logic. I succeeded, but it's not my best piece of work... however, it is my first game that implements an AI, so that's quite a leap forward for me.
In addition, I have released it on the website and now you can download it in the Games page. Keep in mind that this is my first time doing artificial intelligence, so the enemies will act a bit thick when they're chasing you ;D



  I have added a pause feature to Peng Pong so that you can pause during gameplay if you want to quicky go AFK and you've got a good score running or something. The link should be updated soon.



  I have just remastered Peng Pong with C++ and SDL. Peng Pong is an arkanoid game first created in Java for my Taking1n1 Games website. Since I have had reports where the game has proved incompatible with their computer, I have decided to recreate Peng Pong in C++ to make sure players can play Peng Pong without the need for Java. I have also remastered it to make it look nicer, so enjoy! Peng Pong can be found in the Games page.



  The ChromeWare website has just been created! Time to start developing some games for the ChromeWare website...